OPHYLS (/ˈɒfɪls/) aims at promoting initiatives which, on the basis of the latest scientific discoveries, are able to improve people's lifestyle.

We believe that cancer, heart attack, stroke, diabetes and so on are often due to an unhealthy lifestyle (especially dietary habits).

Moreover, keeping yourself fit is important during normal daily activities and helps to be in a good mood.

On the basis of the latest scientific discoveries, we consider that the most effective means against such diseases are endurance sports and, especially, healthy dietary habits.


If you consider this project useful, you can help us to take it forward. You can send us your feedback and buy some services that will help you to improve your lifestyle, as well as to fund this project.


To explain how the idea of founding OPHYLS was born, we have published a short article.


Here you can find some information about the founder of OPHYLS.