General Information
Main NutrientProtein
DishIce Cream
NameCreamy coconut mousse
Price (€/kg)3.60
Ingredients - Quantity
BrandNameQuantity (g)
AIAEgg Whites500
EsselungaSkim milk200
VitasnellaCoconut yogurt500
Ingredients - Details (per 100g)
BrandNameProtein (g)Carb. (g)Fat (g)Energy (kcal)Price (€/kg)Store
AIAEgg Whites1010402.50Esselunga
EsselungaSkim milk450400.80Esselunga
VitasnellaCoconut yogurt480505.20Esselunga
Preparation Method
1Heat in the microwave for 2 minutes (700 W).Egg WhitesIt is useful to make it easier egg white absorption, because it breaks the bond between avidin and biotin. Turn off the microwave when white strands start to appear.
2Let cool in the refrigerator for approximately 1 hour.Egg WhitesIt is useful for achieving a more creamy ice cream.
3Pour into the blender.Coconut yogurt 
4Pour into the blender.Skim milk 
5Pour into the blender.Diete.tic 
6Pour into the blender.Egg Whites 
8Pour into the ice cream maker.  
Nutrition Information
(per 100g)
Protein (g)6
Carbohydrate (g)5
of which sugars (g)4
Fat (g)0
of which saturates (g)0
Fibre (g)0
Sodium (mg)100
Energy (kcal)50
Protein (%)57%
Carbohydrate (%)41%
Fat (%)2%
Glycemic Index15
FoodProtein (g)Carb. (g)Fat (g)Glycemic IndexEnergy (kcal)Price (€/kg)
Algida - Magnum (ice cream)429196030011.50
Creamy coconut mousse65015503.60

For the sake of simplicity, some of the numeric values have been rounded.

For the sake of simplicity, the substances lost during cooking have not been taken into account (such as, for instance, water).