We believe that cancer, heart attack, stroke, diabetes and so on are often due to an unhealthy lifestyle (especially dietary habits).

Sport is able to improve your lifestyle, provided that:

  • it is an endurance sport;
  • you play it on a regular basis;
  • you perform hard workouts.

In particular, we commit ourselves to promote running, because it is one of the best sports for achieving these goals.


To show the effects of endurance running on the human body, we have published an article free of charge. Most of these data also apply to other endurance sports, such as, for instance, cycling.

We have also published an article free of charge showing some of the most important reasons why runners often get injured.

We will also commit ourselves to update such articles on a regular basis.


Competition is an excellent way of increasing your efforts. But even top runners often stop training after the end of their professional career. In order to challenge runners at any level and of all ages, we publish many rankings (by sex, age, and team) on a regular basis.